Soulstice (Herbal Tea Blend)


The blend that became the brand. An enticing blend organic herbs that both soothe and invigorate you. Soulstice is the perfect “reset and recharge” for any time you are needing relief from the daily stresses of life, or want to indulge in a little bit of self care.

Hand blended in small batches, with a heaping dose of love in beautiful British Columbia.

Each bag contains:
• 25g of loose leaf tea
• Makes 20-25 delicious cups of tea

100% certified organic ingredients:

  • lemon balm
  • lavender
  • rose petals
  • licorice root

Aroma: Floral, like a summer garden. Lavender and rose petals invoke a sense of calm and ease.

Tasting Notes: Bright and slightly floral, with a hint of licorice. Smooth and buttery finish.

Best for: Self care, relaxing, calming, midday, nighttime

Benefits: Calming to the nerves, good for digestion.

To make the perfect cup:  Place 1tsp in an infuser and steep for 5-8 mins. Cover while steeping, to keep the beneficial oils in the tea, and enhance the flavour.

Enjoy hot or iced, with a bit of organic honey or mint.


FREE FROM: GMOs, pesticides, artificial flavours, artificial colours.

*Caffeine Free

FREE sample included with every order

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